Quick Answer: Would A Bear Beat A Lion?

Which is more dangerous bear or lion?

When comparing the prey of both the animals, we can conclude that Lion’s preys are more dangerous and difficult than the Grizzly Bear’s because Grizzly bears mainly prey on small animals.

Can a bear kill a lion?

A grizzly bear would absolutely destroy an african lion. A Lion’s 600 pound per square inch (psi) bite force isn’t much compared to a bear’s 1160. And a lion’s main weapons, it’s claws, would probably not do much damage to a grizzly; certainly not as much as one paw swipe from a grizzly would do to a lion.

What animal can beat a bear?

Lions have killed grizzly bears in fights organized by circus trainers and amur tigers have proven to be capable of killing the larger Kamchatka brown bears. Even the much smaller couguars have occasionaly killed grizzlies. Then there are elephants and rhinoceros, both large and powerful enough to kill a grizzly easy.

Would a bear beat a gorilla?

The bear would win. A male gorilla weighs 300 to 400 pounds. A grizzly bear typically weighs over 600 pounds and can be over half a ton depending on what it eats (bears who eat more meat grow bigger). Only an obese captive gorilla can approach the weight of a bear.