Quick Answer: Why Do People Hunt White Tigers?

Poaching is one of the most immediate threats to wild tigers.

In relentless demand, their parts are used for traditional medicine, folk remedies, and increasingly as a status symbol among some Asian cultures.


Tigers are also illegally killed or poached because their pelts are valuable on the black market.

Do people hunt white tigers?

White tigers are generally solitary animals that hunt alone, mostly at night. The white tigers have also been both captured and hunted. As a result, white tigers are becoming rarer in the wild. In fact, there are only around 200 of the white tigers left in the world and these are bred in captivity.

Why are white tigers endangered?

White Tigers Aren’t An Endangered Species — Or A Species At All. But really, white tigers are white because of a rare, recessive mutation that causes white fur. All white tigers documented in the wild by scientists have been Bengal tigers.

What is special about white tigers?

White Tiger Special Features

The striking feature of white tiger is the color of its fur. Another special feature of white tiger is the sapphire blue color of its eyes which gives it a stunning look. When compared to the normal orange colored bengal tigers, white tigers grow faster and are more heavier.

Why do poachers kill tigers?

As many as 30 people are killed by tigers each year, so people kill tigers for protection. The tigers also sometimes eat a beef dinner, rather than their more natural diet of deer. This leads to angry farmers poaching tigers after having their valuable cows stolen from them. The illegal wildlife trade is also a factor.