Quick Answer: Why Do Horses Kick When You’re Behind Them?


Can a kick from a horse kill you?

Yes a horse can kill you with both a kick from the back end or a rake with a front hoof. Be aware of your surroundings and your horses behavior.

What happens when a horse kicks you?

A horse’s kick can pack the punch of a small car and can severely injure a person standing too close. It can even prove fatal in certain circumstances and it can all happen in a matter of seconds. It is imperative to watch for the warning signs and stay safe when spending time around any horse.

How do I stop my horse from kicking me?

Here are five tips to avoid being kicked.

  • #1 – Let them eat in peace.
  • #2 – Know your horse’s body language.
  • #3 – Work on desensitizing your horse.
  • #4 – Stay close and keep contact.

Why do horses kick back?

In the wild, horses use powerful kicks, often with both back legs at the same time, to ward off predators. This defensive instinct is why some horses kick when they become alarmed—such as when a person, dog or another animal ‘pops into view’ behind the horse.

Will a horse kick you if you stand behind it?

A well trained horse should not kick a person standing behind them if they know the person is there. It is up to the person to make sure the horse is aware of them. Due to the horse’s field of vision, there is a blind spot directly behind them when they are facing straight ahead.

Can a horse bite your finger off?

As others have mentioned, horse teeth and jaws aren’t really designed to bite through flesh and bone, so biting “off” a finger would be unusual in the extreme. As Scott W. Owens says, such a bite would more likely wind up with the person on the ground being trampled.

Does kicking a horse hurt them?

Kicking your horse only stuns, disturbs, imbalances, and hurts. Although kicking might be a useful way to start out for a beginning rider, once you have better balance in your seat and a more consistent contact with the bit, aim toward using your legs with more refinement.

Do horses kick their owners?

Horses in the wild can and often do repel predators by lashing out with their hooves. This response is instinctive so, depending on the situation, you may see it with even the most placid and agreeable horses. You can recognize a fear kick by what precedes it. A horse who is truly scared will not kick immediately.

Should you walk behind a horse?

Walking only a few feet behind the horse is unsafe because you will receive the kick with full force. If you do not want to walk closely, move far enough away so that there is no chance of getting kicked, and make sure the horse is aware of your presence when you approach the other side.

How do you tell if a horse is going to kick?

Swinging hindquarters.

When your horse swings his rump from side to side, it can mean one of two things. Usually, he’s warning that he’s about to kick. In that case, his ears will probably be back, he may be wringing his tail, and his body will be tense. Move him away from whatever he’s mad at and put him to work.

Can a horse kick sideways?

Horses can get in a some sideways motion with their hind legs. The safest place to stand is near the horse’s head, but just off to the side, so the horse can move straight forward without hitting you. Horses sometimes startle and move forward suddenly and knock you down if you are standing right in front of them.