Why Are Tigers So Important?

Why is Tiger important for human survival?

Healthy tiger habitats help mitigate climate change, provide fresh water to animals and people, reduce the impact of natural disasters, and improve the health of local people. If tigers are to survive this century and beyond, their home range urgently needs protection and restoration.

How do tigers help the environment?

Tigers are apex predators that sit at the top of the food chain. The tiger keeps its environment healthy by keeping prey population (deer, buffalo, wild boar…) in check, and thereby maintaining the balance between herbivores and the forest’s plant life.

What would happen if tigers went extinct?

If the tiger goes extinct the population of the deer, wild pig, antelope, and gaur will rise dramatically because the tiger cant control it. this will also cause the co extinction of some other animals that live in that area because there is no food for them to eat and their species will go extinct.

What do we use Tigers for?

Tiger parts are purported to heal the liver and kidneys, to cure everything from epilepsy, baldness, toothaches, joint pain and boils to ulcers, nightmares, fevers, and headaches. They’re also used to treat rat bites and laziness and are thought to prevent possession by evil demons.