Where Can I Hold A Sloth In Ohio?

Where can I hold a sloth?

The Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo and the Birmingham Zoo are the only places in this state that we know of where you can see a sloth up close and personal.

If you would like to touch a sloth the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo is the place to go.

What zoo lets you hold a sloth?

Hattiesburg Zoo

Are there sloths in Ohio?

Introducing our Sloth Encounter! We are the only zoo in Ohio where guest can interact with a baby two toed sloth . If a sloth is your “spirit” animal or you just want to do something extremely rare , this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Advance Reservation is required.

Where can I hold a sloth in Massachusetts?

You Can Enjoy Breakfast With Sloths At This Massachusetts Zoo

  • Franklin Park Zoo is tucked away in Boston, Mass.
  • Though there isn’t any direct contact with the sloths – sorry, no petting – kids and adults will absolutely love coming face to face with these adorable and fascinating creatures over tasty treats.