Quick Answer: What Pets Can You Have In UK?

As part of our support for National Pet Month, we reveal the top ten most popular pets in the UK.

  • Snakes. Around 0.4% of the UK population own a snake.
  • Domestic fowl.
  • Lizards.
  • Tortoises and turtles.
  • Hamsters.
  • Guinea pigs.
  • Indoor birds.
  • Rabbits.

15 of the Weirdest Pets That You Can Actually Own in the UK

  1. 1)African Pygmy Hedgehog. Hedgehogs are mega cute, and it turns out you can actually own your very own prickly hedgehog friend!
  2. 2) Pygmy Goat.
  3. 3) Micro Pig.
  4. 4) Capybara.
  5. 5) Tarantula.
  6. 6) Axolotl.
  7. 7) Marmoset Monkey.
  8. 8) Octopus.

What pets can you have?

Here are some pets that are perfect for your child.

  • Dogs. The default choice of pet for every household across the world, dogs, are adored by most.
  • Cats. Cats are adorable, and can easily blend in well with the rest of the family.
  • Birds.
  • Fish.
  • Hamsters.
  • Ants.
  • Guinea Pigs.
  • Mice.

What’s the most common pet in the UK?


Can you have a pet sloth UK?

The short answer is yes. You can keep pretty much any animal given you have the right paperwork, authority, housing, husbandry skills, etc etc. I do not know of any Sloths kept in private hands, only in zoos, but it wouldn’t suprise me if there are a small handful in private collections in the UK.

Can I own a tiger in the UK?

In England, the ownership of dangerous wild animals is permitted, but the owner must obtain a license for each animal held. All cats, including the bobcat, caracal, cheetah, jaguar, leopard, lion, lynx, ocelot, puma, serval, and tiger, are subject to the ownership restrictions.

Can you own a wolf in the UK?

In the UK, hybrid wolves are legal as pets as long as they are three generations away from the wolf. They fall under the Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976, which means wolf-dogs require a licence if you want to keep them at home.

Can you own a raccoon in the UK?

“Unfortunately it is currently legal to keep and sell raccoon dogs as pets in England and Wales without a license. “Raccoon dogs have recently been listed under Invasive Species Regulations so it should become illegal to sell them in a few years and we would welcome this move.

Can you have a fox as a pet in the UK?

“Legally, there is no restriction on keeping foxes as pets in England and Wales, but foxes have not been domesticated and a fox in captivity would have the same needs as in the wild. “If a fox is taken into captivity, then it will be protected under the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

What is the best pet for a 9 year old?

The 9 best pets for kids — and how to choose one

  1. Dog. No two dogs are the same, so take your time and find a good match.
  2. Cat. As any cat lady will tell you, cats are independent creatures.
  3. Rabbit. Rabbits are active and social, and they need plenty of stimulation or they can potentially get bored and destructive.
  4. Guinea pig.
  5. Turtle.
  6. Bird.
  7. Lizard.
  8. Hamster.

Are sloths dangerous?

Sloths may not look very menacing or even dangerous, but if their ancestors caught you, they could make you wish for a quick and swift death.

Can you buy a monkey in the UK?

In Britain it is legal to keep monkeys as pets under license, even though it is banned in other countries and primate experts say it is cruel. Now, a bill is before the UK parliament calling for a ban. It is supported by many animal experts but the government insists it is not necessary.

Do sloths bite?

If threatened, sloths can defend themselves by slashing out at a predator with their huge claws or biting with their sharp cheek teeth. However, a sloth’s main defense is to avoid being attacked in the first place. The two-toed sloth can survive wounds that would be fatal to another mammal its size.