Quick Answer: What Pets Are Illegal In New York?

Illegal Pets in New York City

  • Wolf, fox, coyote, hyena, dingo, jackal, other undomesticated dogs.
  • Lion, tiger, leopard, jaguar, puma, panther, mountain lion, cheetah, cougar, bobcat, lynx, other undomesticated cats.
  • Ferret, weasel, mink, badger, wolverine, skunk, mongoose.
  • Squirrel, raccoon, bat.
  • Bear, elephant, zebra, rhinoceros, giraffe, hippopotamus.

What pets are allowed in NYC?

Animals including, but not limited to, domesticated dogs and cats, gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs, domesticated rabbits and fowl or small birds such as parakeets, parrots, canaries and finches may be kept, possessed, harbored or sold in the City of New York provided that possession of the animal is not otherwise

Degus are legal in New York .

Can you have a ferret as a pet in New York?

In 1999, former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani had made it illegal to keep ferrets at home due to a rabies fear. They remain legal in the rest of New York but banned in some states across the country, including California and Washington DC. Related to weasels, ferrets have gained popularity as pets in recent decades.

Can you own a koala in NY?

Wild animals specifically exclude companion animals, such as cats, dogs, birds, and other animals commonly kept as pets. In New York City, the list of prohibited animals is even longer. It includes giraffes, iguanas, camels, sheep, koalas, squirrels, and a host of other creatures.

Can I own a Fox in New York?

The only member of the fox family legal in New York it is a pleasure and privilege to own one. Fennec foxes are, though, legal exotic pets in NYC for a reason. A fennec fox is one of the most rewarding pets – and it’s legal in New York.

10 Exotic Pets That Are Legal to Own in New York State

  1. Coatimundi. This long-nosed South American relative of the raccoon should be legal according to the New York’s wild animal ordinance since it is not a native animal it doesn’t fall under any native game laws.
  2. Binturong.
  3. Fennec Fox.
  4. Kinkajou.
  5. Wallaby.
  6. Hyena?
  7. Exotic Squirrels.
  8. Capybara.

Can you own a sloth in NY?

Many states have laws that specifically prohibit individuals from keeping certain exotic animals – including sloths – as pets in their households. New York is not one of those states. In New York, under NY AGRI & MKTS § 370, you’re only prohibited from owning wild animals.

Can you own a raccoon in NY?

Keeping a pet raccoon is strictly illegal in many states, including but not limited to New York, Tennessee, Colorado, Illinois and Kentucky. If you reside in an area in which ownership of raccoons is prohibited, you are not permitted to spot a raccoon out in nature, bring him into your residence and care for him.

Can a koala kill you?

Koalas, in general, are not dangerous unless they feel threatened. If they are stressed or scared by a human, they can chase them up to a long-distance and then bite and scratch them with the help of long sharp front teeth and sharp claws.

Can you own a hyena in NY?

People mistakenly think these are part of the canine family, but they are in their own group and are more closely related to cats, being feliforms. This makes hyenas technically legal in New York State.

Can I buy a baby koala?

Not even Australians can own one. But there are some exceptions. Authorized zoos can keep koalas, and occasionally scientists can keep them. Certain people have permission to temporarily keep sick or injured koalas or orphaned baby koalas, called joeys.