What Is The Other Name Of Tiger?

What is another name for a tiger?

Synonyms. Panthera tigris tigress genus Panthera Bengal tiger tiger cub Panthera cat big cat.

What do you mean by Tiger?

The definition of a tiger is a large, fierce cat from Asia having a tawny coat with black stripes, or a fierce person. An example of a tiger is a Bengal. An example of a tiger is a person who always goes after what she wants no matter what.

What’s another name for a lion?

What is another word for lion?


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What is opposite of Tiger?

What is the opposite word for Tiger? milquetoast. tiger and milquetoast. wimp. tiger and wimp.

What is the synonym of Wolf?

Synonyms: masher, skirt chaser, savage, beast, wildcat, brute, woman chaser. beast, wolf, savage, brute, wildcat(verb) a cruelly rapacious person.

What are good names for Tigers?

If you are looking for the perfect name to identify your favorite Tiger in the zoo, or even for a cuddly toy, then look no further than our list of over 160 Tiger names!

The 10 Best Tiger Names.

Tiger Names

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What is called Chita in English?

A cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus) is a medium large cat which lives in Africa. It is the fastest land animal and can run up to 112 kilometers per hour for a short time.

Is Tiger an adjective?

adjective. noting or relating to a strict parenting style that demands academic excellence and obedience from children, associated especially with East Asians:a tiger mom; tiger parenting.

How is a tiger?

Tigers are mostly nocturnal (more active at night) and are ambush predators that rely on the camouflage their stripes provide to stalk prey. Tigers use their body weight to knock prey to the ground and kill with a bite to the neck. They are also very good swimmers and have been known to drown their prey.

What is Lion in French?

More French words for lion. le lion noun. lion. le lion.

What is an angry lion called?

It’s called Flehmen – or “stinky-face”. All cats do it.

What is the opposite of bull?

What is the opposite word for Bull? bear. bull and bear.