What Is The Cheapest Exotic Car?

Here are twenty exotic cars that are actually affordable today.

  • 1 2006 Chevrolet Corvette Z06: $33,000.
  • 2 2011 Porsche 911 Turbo: $75,000.
  • 3 1990 Ferrari Mondial: $35,000.
  • 4 2006 BMW M5: $23,500.
  • 5 1991 Acura NSX: $50,000.
  • 6 2006 Maserati Quattroporte: $16,000.
  • 7 2006 Bentley Continental GT: $45,000.

How can I get a cheap exotic car?

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The “Secret” To Buying A Cheap Exotic Car Is That There Is No


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What is the cheapest supercar to buy?

10 Cheapest (Most Affordable) Supercars

  1. Acura NSX-$156,000.
  2. BMW i8-$140,700.
  3. Mercedes-AMG GT-$133,600.
  4. Jaguar F-Type SVR-$125,950.
  5. Nissan GT-R-$109,990.
  6. Aston Martin Vantage GT-$99,900.
  7. Dodge Viper SRT-$87,895.
  8. Chevrolet Corvette Z06-$79,400.

What’s the cheapest fast car?

  • 2019 Mazda Miata Sport. $25,500 | 181 hp | U.S. News Performance Score: 9.3/10.
  • 2019 Ford Mustang GT. $35,355 | 460 hp | U.S. News Performance Score: 8.9/10.
  • 2018 Chevrolet Camaro SS.
  • 2018 Dodge Challenger R/T.
  • 2018 Dodge Charger R/T.
  • 2019 Nissan 370Z.
  • 2018 Volkswagen Golf GTI S.
  • 2018 Honda Civic Si.

What is the most reliable exotic car?

Exotics weren’t included, but under luxury cars the Lexus CT 200h and Lexus ES made the list for most reliable compact and midsize. Audi O3 took the prize for most reliable luxury compact SUV. J.D. Powers did a similar car reliability study with Audi, BMW, and Mercedes taking the prize, along with a few other.

How do I get my first exotic car?



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10 Steps to Prepare for Your First Exotic Car Purchase – YouTube


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Are exotic car hacks worth it?

The Exotic Car Hacks course is one of the best “insider” courses I’ve ever taken because it shows you exactly how to negotiate with car dealerships and the tactics they use to extract the most money out of you. That ALONE is worth the $97 to me.

Can a car go 300 mph?

Bugatti became the first car maker to top 300 mph, when a modified version of its hypercar hit 304.77 mph. A Bugatti Chiron, driven by Andy Wallace, hit the top speed on Volkwagen’s Ehra-Lessien test track in Germany on Aug. It’s the first supercar to break the 300 mph barrier.

What cars make you look rich?

Take a look at these 20 affordable cars that’ll make you look rich.

  1. 14 2000 BMW M5 ($20,000)
  2. 15 1997 Bentley Turbo R ($19,000)
  3. 16 2005 Maserati Spyder ($18,800)
  4. 17 1982 Mercedes-Benz 280SL ($15,000)
  5. 18 1982 Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit ($9,900)
  6. 19 2005 Jaguar S-Type R ($9,000)
  7. 20 2007 Nissan 350Z ($8,000)

How much my car is worth?

The result is a clear picture of what your car is worth, or how much you should pay. You may pay less for a car with an accident, or more for a car without one. Only CARFAX gives you the VIN-specific price for every used car based on its history.