What Is Ivory Worth?

What is the current price of ivory?

At its peak in 2014 wholesale prices for raw ivory stood at $2,100 (1,900 euros) per kilogramme in Chinese markets, but by 2017 the price had fallen to $730 per kilogramme, according to the report by two ivory trade experts, Lucy Vigne and Esmond Martin.

Is real ivory worth anything?

Nothing at all, if it is elephant ivory. It is illegal to sell. There are also “ivory”nuts (a large, very hard nut which is carved like ivory), and plastic “ivory”. Even so, the worth of any piece of art depends not so much on size as the source, quality of work, condition, etc.

Why is ivory so valuable?

Ivory is expensive mainly because its supply is very limited, coming from elephant tusks only, and secondly because its value as a material due to its carving qualities and its status as rare luxury goods. Many other animals produce ivory, but none as soft or as large quantities per specimen.

Can you still sell ivory?

The new law is meant to stifle trade in ivory and protect elephants. However, there are some exceptions. You can buy or sell items containing ivory if they were made before 1947 and contain less than 10pc of the material by volume. Ivory can still legally be owned and given away under the new rules.