What Exotic Animals Are Legal In The UK?

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American Pygmy

Miniature pig





What pets are illegal in the UK?

Wild animals including lions, tigers, crocodiles, rattlesnakes and zebras are being kept legally on private property across the UK, figures have revealed.

How many exotic animals are kept as pets in the UK?

Hundreds of big cats, crocodiles and even an elephant are among 5,000 wild animals being legally kept as pets in UK homes. A survey by the Born Free Foundation found that more than 230 apes and 700 poisonous snakes are living in domestic homes under the Dangerous Wild Animals Act.

In England, the ownership of dangerous wild animals is permitted, but the owner must obtain a license for each animal held. All cats, including the bobcat, caracal, cheetah, jaguar, leopard, lion, lynx, ocelot, puma, serval, and tiger, are subject to the ownership restrictions.

Can I own a monkey in the UK?

Under UK law it is legal to keep a monkey as a pet with a licence granted Dangerous Wild Animals Act, but welfare experts say that as few as 5 per cent of animals are actually licensed.