Question: What Does A Liger Eat?

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What do Tigons eat?

Ligers and tigons are obviously carnivores, so when they become old enough that they don’t need their mothers anymore, they eat horse meat, beef, or chicken. This is also what all big cats eat if they have been taken to a zoo. Ligers are capable of eating 100 pounds of meat a day.

How much does a liger eat?

Usually the zoo keepers give ligers about 20 to 25 pounds of meat a day. But a liger wouldn’t mind eating more than 100 pounds on a one single day.

What are ligers predators?

Liger Facts Overview

Habitat:Do not occur naturally in the wild.
Weight:705 – 1,200 pounds (320 – 550 kg)
Color:Tawny, with feint tiger stripes.
Diet:Wild deer, boar
Predators:No natural predators, but potentially other big cats.

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What is the life span of a liger?

Do Ligers have a short Lifespan? WIKIANSWERS indicate that the average age of the lions in the wild is around 15 years. On the other hand, within the captivity, they can live around 20 years. The same age is truly predicted for the tigers in the wild, but in the captivity, they are believed to live for even 25 years.