Quick Answer: What Animal Is The King Of The Sea?

Who is the king of the sea?


Which animal is the king of the animals?

The largest member of the cat family, the lion, is called “King of the Beasts” as it is one of the largest meat-eating, or carnivorous, animals in the world. It has no enemies, except man, and normally kills only to eat. A lion can weight up to 275 kilos and measure 3.75 metres from its nose to the tip of its tail.

What animal is the king of the desert?

Desert Lions

Who is the king of the ocean?

These sea gods are not as powerful as Poseidon, the main god of the oceans and seas.

Who ruled the sea before Poseidon?

After that came Posiedon son of Kronos and Rhea,he ruled the waters after Zeus decided what to give to whom after the titanomachy. Posiedon is still ruling the sea.