Question: Is Eating Giraffe Illegal?

Can you legally hunt a giraffe?

Hunting a giraffe is legal in South Africa if it has been pre-arranged with a game park.

“This is called conservation through game management,” she said, explaining that the giraffe that she hunted was old and prone to attacking younger giraffes.

“Now that the giraffe is gone, the younger bulls are able to breed.”

How much is it to kill a giraffe?

According to Babaz, the trophy fee for a giraffe is about $2,000 to $3,000 per animal.

Is a giraffe dangerous?

“Giraffes are very dangerous animals. They could hurt you seriously, very quickly.”

Can you buy giraffe meat?

But the meat can be obtained legitimately, both in Africa and apparently here in the United States, sometimes appearing on restaurant menus. A restaurant called Panache opened in Killington, Vermont, around 1994 or so, offering a menu of exotic meats that included giraffe.