Quick Answer: How Much Money Can You Bring Into Vietnam?

Each individual, upon entry or exit through Vietnamese international border gates by valid passports, can carry cash up to USD5,000 (or other equivalent foreign currency) or VND5 million without the need to declare to the immigration office or customs office.

The previous limits were USD7,000 and VND15 million.

What do I need to declare at Vietnam Customs?

When entering Vietnam you are required to fill out a customs Declaration if you have items to be declared.

Allowed to import duty free:

  • up to 400 cigarettes, 100 cigars or 500g.
  • up to 2 liters of alcohol strength to 22 degrees or 1,5 l alcoholic beverages, up to 3 liters of spirits or beer.
  • to 5 kg of tea, up to 3 kg.

Can I take food in my suitcase to Vietnam?

Almost food without smell and water are allowed to bring in passenger cabin. Remember that you should not inform the check-in staff if you bring food. You just present the hand baggage of 7kg. You will bring food when finishing the check-in procedure and entering the security screening area.

What is the best currency to take to Vietnam?

In general terms the USD is the most widely and easily exchanged currency in Vietnam, as it is in the majority of Asia, with the Euro as a distant second. British pounds, Canadian dollars or Australian dollars are not widely accepted in either banks or hotels, and where they are the exchange rate is unfavourable.

What is the duty free allowance for Vietnam?

Vietnam duty free

The following items may be freely imported into Vietnam by travellers without incurring customs duty: 200 cigarettes or 100 cigars or 500g of tobacco. 1.5L of spirits over 22% volume or 2L of fortified wines or liqueurs under 22% volume or 3L of other alcoholic drinks.

What is not allowed in Vietnam?

Some things that are illegal in Vietnam include Gambling, Prostitution, Drug Use and Distribution, and Pornography. Vietnamese law is built based on the long-standing culture and the characteristics of the local Vietnamese lifestyle.

What can I bring back from Vietnam?

MUST souvenirs from Vietnam

  1. SILK.
  4. DO PAPER postcards, notebooks.
  5. GUOC MOC (wooden clogs)
  6. AO DAI dress.
  8. BOOK “Que Huong my homeland Vietnam” by Nguyen Manh Dan.