Question: How Many Ligers Exist Today?

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Do ligers exist in the wild?

Lions and tigers are separated by about seven million years of evolution. Ligers exist only in captivity because the habitats of the parental species do not overlap in the wild. There is no proof that ligers have ever existed in the wild.

Are ligers rare?

“It’s so rare, a liger! Right now there are only about 20 in the world,” he added. Ligers, like tigons – cubs born to a lioness and a male tiger – can only be born in captivity, Mr Miloserdov noted, not least because almost all wild lions live in sub-Saharan Africa, and tigers in the jungles of Asia.

Is the liger still alive?

The answer is yes, because Hercules the liger 3 years ago was around 900 plus pounds and as of 2014, it still weighs 900 pounds. This is enough to prove that Ligers do not grow all their lives, but rather after certain time period their growth stops.

How big do ligers get?

10 to 12-feet