How Many Hours Do Lions Sleep?

Male lions spend 18 to 20 hours a day snoozing, while females get 15 to 18 hours of shuteye.

The lionesses spend more time hunting and taking care of cubs, which is why they get slightly less sleep.

And following a large meal, lions may even sleep up to 24 hours—talk about a catnap!

How many hours a day do lions sleep?

Male lions sleep an average 20 hours per day. The females on the other hand do all of the really hard work—killing the majority of prey, which the males then appropriate for themselves. The main danger males face is fighting off other males that want to take over their pride and territory.

Why do lions sleep all day?

Lions enjoy relaxing and lazing around. They spend between 16 and 20 hours each day resting and sleeping. They have few sweat glands so they wisely tend to conserve their energy by resting during the day and become more active at night when it is cooler. Lions have terrific night vision.

How many hours do tigers sleep?

Tiger sleeping habits. Tigers are like domestic house cats in that a great deal of their time is spent resting or sleeping. A tiger will spend between 16 and 20 hours each day doing very little apart from lying in the shade.

Do lions sleep in trees?

Sleeping mainly during the day, lions are primarily nocturnal, which suits the high temperatures of their native habitats. In the jungle, the mighty jungle the lions sleep in a tree!