Question: How Long Do Monkeys Stay Pregnant?

Even within the species of apes and monkeys gestation period seem to be a matter of size.

For Rhesus monkeys it is 164 days and baboons 187 days.

For small animals such as rabbits the period is about 33 days and for mice about 20 days.

How often do monkeys have babies?

Depending on the species, females may give birth every year, or every other year. Their gestation period, the length of time they carry the baby before giving birth, is about five to six months.

How long animals stay pregnant?

Gestation, Incubation, and Longevity of Selected Animals

AnimalGestation or incubation, in days (average)Longevity, in years (record exceptions)
Dog53–71 (63)10–12 (24)
Duck21–35 1 (28)10 (15)
Elephant510–730 1 (624)30–40 (71)
Fox51–63 18–10 (14)

26 more rows

How long is an ape pregnant?

Chimpanzee: 243 days

Bonobo: 240 days

Bornean orangutan: 259 days