Quick Answer: How Do I Find My Spirit Guide?

How do you know what your spirit guide is?



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How do I connect with my ancestors spirits?

Here is my personal Ritual to connect with the Ancestors:

  • Step 1: Be open and willing to receive signs and messages from your ancestors.
  • Step 2: Create an Altar to honor your ancestors.
  • Step 3: Third step is connecting with your ancestors.
  • Step 4: Thank them for being a part of your life.

How can I talk to my spirit guide and angels?

  1. Keep Your Chakras Clear. Notice how I didn’t start off by saying that you should open your third eye.
  2. Start A Daily Meditation Practice.
  3. Invite Them to Introduce Themselves to You.
  4. Ask for a Sign.
  5. Try automatic writing.
  6. Use Tarot or Oracle Cards.
  7. Use a Pendulum.
  8. Keep a Spiritual Journal.

How do I call upon my ancestors?

How do ancestors communicate with the living?

How do you talk to your spirits and angels?

How do you meditate with ancestors?