How Can We Save Tigers?

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Why do we need to save tigers?

Why tigers matter

The tiger plays a pivotal role in the health and diversity of an ecosystem. It is a top predator which is at the apex of the food chain and keeps the population of wild ungulates in check, thereby maintaining the balance between prey herbivores and the vegetation upon which they feed.

How can we save tigers in India?

So here are ten steps to stop the dwindling population of tigers in India.

  • Create awareness.
  • Educate the locals.
  • Stop poaching and don’t encourage poachers.
  • Support a cause.
  • Severe punishment for poachers.
  • Ban the goods made of tiger skin.
  • Protect forests.
  • Take an eco tour.

How can we save tigers for kids?

Here are 5 simple ways you and the kids can help.

  1. Adopt a tiger.
  2. Choose FSC-certified or recycled tissue and toilet paper.
  3. Avoid products with palm oil.
  4. Make sure mama’s coffee is Rainforest Alliance certified, to insure that forests were not destroyed to make room for coffee plantations.

How can we save big cats?

Ensure Any Hunting of Big Cats’ Prey Species is Legal and Sustainable. Critical to saving big cats is to conserve their prey. In areas where all hunting is illegal, such as most protected areas, SMART-based patrols by well-trained rangers are effective in maintaining those prey populations.