How Can I Join RAW India After Graduation?

If you make good career in the Indian Civil Departments you may get the opportunity to join in the Indian RAW department.

One need to first apply for the CDS exam.

For this you have to complete graduation.

After completing the graduation you are eligible for the Indian CDSE exam.

How can I join RAW India?

To become RAW agent, candidates should take Group A Civil Services exam under the Central Staffing Scheme. They have to clear all the stages of Civil Service Examination and qualified candidates are allowed to write the RAW examination.

What is the salary of a RAW agent?

They have to clear all the stages of Civil Service Examination and few top candidates are allowed to write the RAW examination. They should also have an experience of 20 years of service. This is not a permanent job but a person can earn of about 0.8 to 1.3 lakhs per month.

What are the qualifications to join Raw?

Qualification For RAW Agent :

  • The candidate must have a bachelor degree in any stream from recognized university.
  • The candidate age should be between 21- 30 years.
  • The candidate should be a citizen of India.
  • Only unmarried candidates are eligible for this examination.

How do I join RAW or IB?

Give UPSC-Civil Services Exam,get good rank enough to become IPS officer,serve in your allocated cadre for sometime,then go to IB on probation. Here there are 2 options- one,if you have exceptional capabilities and better track record in ibIB and if you wish,you may be absorbed into IB(HQ)-Intelligenc

Which is the No 1 Intelligence Agency World?


Which is better raw or ISI?

ISI has its own identity in Pakistan whereas RAW is just a wing of Ministry of External Affairs. Rather, if we compare outcomes, RAW has served better to India than to ISI to pakistan. ISI is formed in 1948, RAW is formed 1968, two decades after it.

Can I join raw?

The R&AW created its own cadre in 1983, the Research and Analysis Services (RAS) to absorb young civil servants. These are then under a lien period of 1 year after which they can choose to join RAW permanently. The Armed forces officers also have a great opportunity to join R&AW by the procedure of lateral deputation.

How do I contact a raw Agency?

Telephone : 0484-2349344. Fax : 0484-2314044.

How can I join CBI?

To become a group A officer in CBI, you must choose Civil Service Examination conducted by UPSC and become an IPS officer. To join as Sub Inspector in CBI, you must go through SSC CGL examination. To become a Sub Inspector in Central Bureau Of Investigation (CBI ), you must pass SSC Combined Graduate Level Exam.

What is the salary of Intelligence Bureau?

IB ACIO Salary

The Job is known for its lavish salary structure. The pay scale is 9300- 34,800 that varies based the on the area of posting. Besides this, the selected candidates will get special security allowances.

Who is the chief of RAW?

Samant Goel

What is the salary of CBI officer?

CBI Salaries

Job TitleSalary
[object Object] – [object Object]$86,698/yr
[object Object] – [object Object]$133,248/yr
[object Object] – [object Object]$50,489/yr
[object Object] – [object Object]$16/hr

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