Quick Answer: Do Female Cats Get Periods?

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Unspayed cats and dogs will have a period – or more correctly – come into heat.

Dogs cycle anywhere from every 4 months to once every 12 -16 months.

The female cat’s vulva will also swell when she comes into heat but it isn’t always as noticeable as in the dog.

Do female cats bleed?

It is not common to observe vaginal bleeding from a cat in heat. The most notable signs of estrus in cats are behavioral. Most cats become very affectionate, even demanding; they persistently rub against their owners (or objects such as furniture), constantly wanting attention.

Why do female cats bleed?

Pyometra is a bacterial infection of the uterus. Bacteria from the uterus can leak into the blood and abdomen, causing shock and death. Pyometra is a life-threatening condition that requires quick and aggressive treatment. Pyometra most commonly occurs in older, non-spayed, females following a heat cycle.

Do female cats have periods after being spayed?

Unlike dogs, the female cat in heat does not have a vaginal discharge. If a cat that has been spayed is exhibiting signs of being in heat, this could be an indication there are active estrogen hormones in her system. If you notice any signs of heat in your spayed cat, please speak with your veterinarian.

Do female cats spray when in heat?

When your cat is ‘in heat’ she is in the fertile period of her reproductive cycle and is looking to mate. Cats in heat will howl loudly and constantly as they try to attract a male to mate. They may also spray walls or furniture with strong-smelling urine also in an attempt to indicate their availability to a male.