Quick Answer: Can You Keep A Flamingo As A Pet?

How much does a pet flamingo cost?

The short answer is they are relatively hardy and generally easy to keep but can be difficult to entice to breed. The most readily available (Chilean) run about $3,000. each when you can find them. There is one species regulated by the USFWS (Greater), they require a special purpose permit, the others do not.

Are Flamingos aggressive?

Flamingos are tough as hell. With their gangly legs, beady eyes and misshapen beaks, flamingos can come across as comical and wimpy but they’re actually incredibly spunky. The blue-green algae are dangerous for most animals but the flamingos can ingest huge amounts without any problems.

Can I own a flamingo in Florida?

Answer: Yes, a Class 2 permit is required and will only be given with rather stringent requirements. Question: Can you own a flamingo in Florida?

What color is flamingo poop?


Are Flamingos nice to humans?

Humans don’t seem to have a problem with Flamingos, but they also don’t tend to think twice before destroying the natural habitat of these animals. It may surprise you to discover that in some parts of the world it is considered a delicacy to consume the tongue of Flamingos.

Why don t flamingos fly away at the zoo?

Unfortunately, there are zoos which actually partially-amputate the wings of birds in large flocks in order to prevent them from flying. That’s a horrible practice. But 99% of flamingos who can fly don’t fly away because they’ve got plenty of food, large flocks with available mates and no predators.

Why are flamingo legs so skinny?

Flamingos have no such problem. When they raise a leg, their body weight shifts in a way that naturally stabilizes the joints of their standing limb, so they can remain upright without any muscular activity. They can sleep like that. And as Chang and Ting found, they can even keep balanced when dead.

Do flamingos legs break easily?

Despite their appearance, flamingos are resilient birds and can thrive in harsh climates. However, according to expert Dr. Felicity Aregno, it can be very easy to break a flamingo’s leg as: ‘their legs are extremely thin and they are not covered by muscle’.

Is Flamingo milk red?

Watch as downy gray flamingo chicks are fed bright red milk, a sort of crop milk made from either parents’ upper digestive tracts. The red and blue-green algae they consume is loaded with beta carotene, an organic chemical that contains a reddish-orange pigment.