Can A Tiger Kill A Dog?

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What dog breed can kill a tiger?

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Are Tigers afraid of dogs?

The tiger fears no other creature. However, wild dogs (which are also known as Dholes in India) are the only animals a Tiger would keep a distance from or wouldn’t attempt to face off. The reason being, the tactics used by wild dogs make them the most successful hunters in the world.

Can a tiger kill a pitbull?

A tiger can kill giant wild cattle and domestic cattle do OK against a couple of pitbulls.

Does Tiger eat dog?

A tiger released into the wild by Russian President Vladimir Putin has been caught on tape eating a domestic dog in China, according to media reports. The tiger, named Kuzia, was filmed eating the dog in a two-hour session on Heixiazi Island, which is divided between China and Russia, according to Sky News.