Can A Dog Beat A Hyena?

The only time a dog would beat a hyena is if the hyena is submissive and a male.

Still, male hyenas are tough.

Take a male english mastiff and a female hyena.

The mastiff only has a chance if it has been trained to kill hyenas or is more aggressive.

What animal can kill a hyena?


Can a dog mate with a hyena?

Dogs are Canis lupus familiaris while hyenas are Crocuta crocuta. They are different species and can not interbreed. Hyenas are more closely related to cats than canines despite their appearance. There are over 400 breeds of dogs so far.

Can a Rottweiler kill a hyena?

Spotted Hyenas are roughly the same size at Rottweilers with significantly more bite force. They are known to be able to withstand lion attacks, so to think a single Rottweiler could kill the hyena is pretty silly.

Are hyenas stronger than wild dogs?

Hyenas are significantly more aggressive than wild dogs and have even been known to confront lions, not for food, but to fight.