Question: Are Turtles Illegal In The UK?

It is now illegal in the UK to import or sell live wild-caught protected species of tortoises or products made from them without a permit for commercial purposes.

Breeders can sell only captive animals bred from parental stock in their care.

Can you own a turtle in the UK?

It’s not illegal to own a turtle in the UK. They are yellow bellied pondslider turtles and live in a huge fish tank in our living room. We take them out into the garden in the summer and let them run around a bit, it’s a wee adventure for them. They are very healthy and have laid several eggs over the years.

What turtles are banned in the UK?

Red-eared sliders banned in the UK. Red-eared sliders as well as five other popular aquatic plant species, have been banned from long-term sale. The decision follows the European Commission publishing its list of species of EU wide concern, as part of the Invasive Alien Species Regulation.

Are Terrapins illegal in the UK?

Abandoning terrapins is not only illegal, but cruel and not only does it cause suffering to the animal, but it often damages local ecosystems. Non-native species that are present in the UK are estimated to cost UK economy £1.7 billion per year.

Where can you see turtles in the UK?

Big or small, freshwater or sea, here’s our guide to the best places to see a range of turtle species across the UK:

  • The Deep, Hull.
  • Oceanarium, Bournemouth.
  • Turtle Ark at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo, Bedfordshire.
  • Bristol Zoo, Bristol.
  • Chester Zoo, Cheshire.
  • Wingham Wildlife Park, Kent.
  • Birdworld, Surrey.

Do you need a license to keep a turtle?

For most species of turtles, a Class I license is all that is required. This classification is for the safest and most easily maintained reptiles. If you are under the age of 16, you need parental consent to obtain a Class I license.

Is it cruel to have a pet turtle?

Turtles carry salmonella

A small turtle may seem harmless, giving parents a false sense that they’re a safe pet for children. But the disease risk is so great that selling small turtles is illegal in the United States.