Are There Poisonous Snakes In Hong Kong?

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What snakes are in Hong Kong?

Common snakes in Hong Kong:

  • Burmese Python. Source: Instagram.
  • Indo Chinese Ratsnake. Source: Instagram.
  • King Cobra. Source: Instagram.
  • Bamboo Snake (White-Lipped Pit Viper) Source: Instagram.
  • Red-necked Keelback. Source: Facebook.
  • Common Rat Snake (Oriental Rat Snake) Source: Instagram.
  • Common Blind Snake (Flowerpot Snake)

Are there dangerous animals in Hong Kong?

Venomous creatures in Hong Kong, from jellyfish to hornets to centipedes – beware, some can kill. Hong Kong has its fair share of formidable wildlife that can inflict serious harm if disturbed or provoked.

Are there poisonous snakes in China?

Deadly Snakes in Southern China. Approximately 35 venomous snake species inhabit the land and seas surrounding southern China. These species represent a variety of evolutionary clades: keelbacks, kraits, cobras, sea snakes, sea kraits, coral snakes, vipers and pit vipers.

Where are poisonous snakes found?

Most venomous

SnakeRegionintravenous injection LD 50
Eastern brown snakeAustralia, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia0.01 mg/kg
Yellow bellied sea snakeTropical oceanic watersN/A
Peron’s sea snakeGulf of Siam, Strait of Taiwan, Coral sea islands, and other placesN/A
Coastal TaipanAustralia0.013 mg/kg

7 more rows

Are there Cobras in China?

The Chinese cobra (Naja atra), also called Taiwan cobra, is a species of cobra in the family Elapidae, found mostly in southern China and a couple of neighboring nations and islands. It is one of the most prevalent venomous snakes in China and Taiwan, which has caused many snakebite incidents to humans.

Are bamboo snakes poisonous?

Bright green with a triangular shaped head, the bamboo viper is Hong Kong’s most common venomous snake and is found throughout the territory at all altitudes. Mostly nocturnal, it can give a nasty bite, which causes a large amount of swelling. However, death is rare among healthy people who get treatment.

Are there scorpions in Hong Kong?

Scorpions are commonly found in deserts, grasslands, savannahs, and forests. Most reported cases in Hong Kong concerned scorpions found amongst a type of imported fruit called langsat (蘆菇). Scorpions seldom sting people, unless they are provoked.

Are there poisonous spiders in Hong Kong?

There are no dangerous spiders in Hong Kong. There are some that are big enough to bite – potentially, but Hong Kong really is a blessed tropical place for arachnophobes as all the species here are pretty timid and only have bugs in mind.

What is the deadliest animal in China?

7 of South China’s Most Dangerous Animals

  1. Chinese Bird Spider. Image via @adamandtheeightleggedbeauties/Instagram.
  2. Chinese Cobra. Image via Wikimedia.
  3. Chinese Red Head Centipede. Image via Wikimedia.
  4. Mosquito. Image via Wikimedia.
  5. South China Tiger. Image via Wikimedia.
  6. Many-Banded Krait. Image via Wikimedia.
  7. Chinese Green Tree Viper. Image via Wikimedia.
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