Question: Are Pets Allowed In SM Malls?

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Did you know that pets are allowed inside SM malls?

The only caveat is that your pet must always be hand-carried when inside the premises, or be carried inside pet carriers like bags or strollers when indoors.

Are SM malls pet friendly?

All SM malls are now open for our pet buddies to enjoy the amenities. However, SM malls may be open for our pet buddies, but take note that most restaurants and stores don’t allow them inside. Friendly tip: Always ask the staff if you can bring your pet buddies inside their premises.

Are dogs allowed in Robinsons malls?

Robinsons Malls Happy Pets Club, a community of pet owners and lovers, was first launched in 2015. Its members—our pets—are free to roam their selected malls. Four years later, more Robinsons Malls all over the Philippines are now ready to welcome cats and dogs.

Are dogs allowed in SM supermarket?

We do allow dogs and cats as long as pet owners carry them :)”

Can you bring dogs to malls?

Many shopping centers in the U.S. allow your dog to accompany you while you shop. Most outdoor malls allow well-behaved dogs on a leash in the common areas, while some stores allow dogs on a leash or in a carrier to come inside.

Are pets allowed in cinema?

Generally, dogs and other pets are not allowed into the theater. However, service animals are always welcome. AMC employees are not allowed to deny a service animal to enter the theater. In most states, we also aren’t allowed to ask you for paperwork or anything to prove that your service animal is certified.

Are dogs allowed in SM Southmall?

SM Southmall, a pet-friendly mall south of the metro, celebrated Easter Sunday with dogs and cats.