Quick Answer: Are Minks Dangerous?

Are minks aggressive?

Mink are very active and aggressive. They are excellent swimmers and can also climb trees. When threatened, they may growl, hiss, screech or discharge a strong, musky scent from anal glands.

Will minks attack humans?

Mink are dangerous to humans only when cornered but the animals, especially farmed mink, have no fear of humans and will approach people if their paths cross.

Do mink kill cats?

Among the few good things that you could say about mink is that they have been known to kill cats and rabbits, for which service the loss of a few feral carp is not such a high price to pay.

Are minks friendly?

Captive Mink Facts

They have an average lifespan of about 7 years. They can be very playful and even affectionate depending on how they are raised. They have less odor than ferrets. Animals purchased young make the best pets.

Will a mink kill a dog?

“They have a devastating effect on all wildlife – but they also attack dogs and horses. They don’t run in packs, but already they have wiped out flocks of coot and moorhen.

What can a mink kill?

Mink will prey upon most anything including rats, mice, fish, rabbit, birds, eggs, insects or muskrat. Because of their long and sleek design, mink will commonly find their way into chicken coops or other animal holding cages where they can kill several of the captive prey animals in a short period of time.