Quick Answer: Are Ligers Bigger Than Tigers?


Are ligers stronger than tigers?

In the wild a lion comes only second to a tiger in terms of its weight and size. The Siberian Tigers are considered as the biggest of all the big cat species who weigh around 600 to 700 pounds. Therefore; a liger is even bigger and stronger than a Siberian Tiger as well.

What is bigger a liger or a Tigon?

A liger is the offspring of a female tiger and a male lion; a tigon is the offspring of a female lion and a male tiger. They are not only bigger than tigons, they are bigger than either lions or tigers.

Why are ligers so big?

GROWTH DYSPLASIA IN HYBRID BIG CATS. WHY ARE LIGERS SO MUCH BIGGER THAN TIGONS? The large size of the liger and small size of the tigon is due to “genomic imprinting” – the unequal expression of genes depending on parent of origin i.e. whether certain growth genes are inherited from the male or the female.

How big do ligers get?

10 to 12-feet