Quick Answer: Are Eagles Dinosaurs?

Actually, it has been determined that scientifically, eagles, like all other birds are dinosaurs, albeit one particular branch that just happened to survive the mass extinction of about 65 million years ago while all other dinosaurs went extinct.

What is the closest living thing to a dinosaur?

The closest living thing to a dinosaur is a dinosaur. Modern birds are dinosaurs.

Which bird is most like dinosaur?


Are birds considered living dinosaurs?

In the view of most paleontologists today, birds are living dinosaurs. In other words, the traits that we accept as defining birds — key skeletal features as well as behaviors including nesting and brooding — actually arose first in some dinosaurs.

Is a cassowary a dinosaur?

Cassowaries, along with all other modern birds, are living dinosaurs, descendants of the only dinosaur lineage to survive the Cretaceous mass extinction about 66 million years ago.