My cat went missing

About this same time last year, my black cat, Riven, went missing. It was very odd, out of character and shocking. Riven doesn’t like other people. I’m the only one she comfortable being around and she follows me everywhere. She rarely left the yard, but at that time I had just back into a new place so she was probably exploring and someone grabbed her.

When she disappeared I completely lost it and had a mental break down. I realized when I lost her that I have never loved anything more than that cat. I posted flyers, knocked on doors, called shelters, posted ads, ect.

After 8 days she came running through the doggy door, lost a lot of weight and was very very upset. She’s a very talkative cat and she was howling like I’ve never heard. That’s probably why the people that took her let her go, she wouldn’t calm down.  I know someone had her because her nails were clipped. It took me days to calm her down, she kept trying to escape. I was just mind blown I got her back.

I have another cat, Sam, he’s a creamy orange color with white socks. He’s a sweetheart and very friendly. When I got him in I was always living in apartments so he never was able to roam around outside. Since I moved back to vegas, he is able to explore and go on adventures. He’s always wanted to and he is meant to be an outdoor cat.

Last I saw Sam was on Wednesday, January 30th. He usually doesn’t disappear for this long and I just hope if someone does have him they are treating him with as much love as possible. I know someone has him, he’s a great cat and I miss him.

This is all just a ploy to get your guys attention. I killed Sam.

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